Email Template for The SSI Restoration Act of 2021 (H.R.3824)

[Template begin:]

Dear Senator [NAME],

As your constituent, I [implore/urge/encourage] you to support the SSI Restoration Act of 2021 (H.R.3824.) Many of the rules and restrictions of SSI benefits have not been updated in over 40 years. [State some facts here especially regarding the income amounts. It’s under 75% of the poverty line, being $794/mo, which adds up to $9528/yr, when the poverty limit is $12880. Throw those numbers around. Mention how this forces disabled people to stay in poverty and offers no class mobility.] 

Your support for this [restoration/act/etc] is [critical/vital/important/imperative] for the health and well-being of your disabled constituents. [Optional: include a relevant personal connection, such as a brief section stating your experience as a disabled person. I had two sentences: one stating I’m a disabled constituent; one stating a couple of my symptoms “and other disabling symptoms” and how that leads to difficulty working.] This low income and the years it can take to be approved is not a commitment individuals take without desperation. [Throw around more numbers. Talk about how some medical devices can cost tens of thousands out of pocket. Explain that disabled people will experience emergencies like car repairs, family deaths, etc like any other person, and deserve the right to financially prepare for such.]

This restoration act does not bring disabled people to a privileged position, rather it pulls them slightly out of forced poverty. [I hinted at the mental and physical health impacts poverty can cause.] Therefore, I believe it is [imperative/critical/vital] to raise the standard that disabled people [live with/expected to survive on/etc, however you want to word it, in this current time/day/etc]. 

I would like to request a written response on this issue and have attached my contact information. 

Thank you for your consideration and service,

[Your Name] [Contact Information: Include at least an email address or physical address if possible.]