Portland Arrests

What’s happening in Portland? Federal agents have been arresting protestors in Portland, Oregon. They are driving unmarked vehicles and camouflage clothing with vague “Police” tags. Tear gas and non-lethal munitions have been fired into crowds by these troops. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has stated that the troops are not military, but are civilian police… Continue reading Portland Arrests

Climate Refugees

More and more people are being forced to become climate refugees as climate change continues to change the world and affect lives. What are “Climate Refugees” Climate refugees is not an extremely accurate term since the internationally used definition of the word “refugee” means a person who has crossed an international border for “…fear of… Continue reading Climate Refugees

Racial Disparity (Statistics and Stories)

**Trigger Warning** Across the country, thousands of Americans are gathering to protest racism and racist actions that plague our nation. How can you become an anti-racist? How can you become a fighter for racial equality? Read on to learn more. Racial Disparity Statistics POC are 5.1 times more likely to be convicted than non-POC. “As… Continue reading Racial Disparity (Statistics and Stories)