Nationalists in Germany and COVID-19 Protests

On August 30, 2020, thousands of right-wing nationalists and COVID-19 deniers gathered in Berlin, Germany to protest coronavirus restrictions. The protest was originally banned, but it was eventually given the green light by the Berlin Administrative Court. Around 38,000 were in attendance at the peaceful protest, clamoring for an end to the “COVID hoax.” Berlin… Continue reading Nationalists in Germany and COVID-19 Protests

Racial Disparity (Statistics and Stories)

**Trigger Warning** Across the country, thousands of Americans are gathering to protest racism and racist actions that plague our nation. How can you become an anti-racist? How can you become a fighter for racial equality? Read on to learn more. Racial Disparity Statistics POC are 5.1 times more likely to be convicted than non-POC. “As… Continue reading Racial Disparity (Statistics and Stories)