California Wildfires in August 2020

Historic wildfires are taking hold of Californians across the state, causing the implementation of mass evacuation orders. How did the wildfires start? As of noon today (August 24th), there are over 7000 wildfires across California in 2020 alone. Currently, there are nearly 700 active fires. Some of the largest fires have been started by lightning… Continue reading California Wildfires in August 2020

Climate Refugees

More and more people are being forced to become climate refugees as climate change continues to change the world and affect lives. What are “Climate Refugees” Climate refugees is not an extremely accurate term since the internationally used definition of the word “refugee” means a person who has crossed an international border for “…fear of… Continue reading Climate Refugees

Unsustainable Practices

What unsustainable practices do you perform every day? Not turning off ignition at signals, not carpooling or using public transport, not recycling or upcycling, and overuse of water. Everyday Unsustainable Practices Studies have shown that a car idling at a light emits around 2x the amount of harmful gasses as a moving vehicle. In addition,… Continue reading Unsustainable Practices

Sustainable Fisheries

In the United States, fisheries are held to strict standards by the government. They must uphold 10 or more standards of sustainability. Keeping track of these fisheries and the work they are performing. One standard ensures that the optimum yield is achieved without overfishing a certain region. Another standard states that the measures put in… Continue reading Sustainable Fisheries

Chernobyl Wildfire

A wildfire has recently appeared near the Chernobyl nuclear power plants. Winds increased on Saturday, spreading the fire quickly. Although radiation levels are not at dangerous levels, they have seen an increase since the fires began. After the nuclear disaster what occured in 1986, the government cleared the local area and set up the Zone… Continue reading Chernobyl Wildfire

Who Is Saving Our World?

The government largely failed to fight climate change after the fall of the Kyoto Protocol. Local governments and politicians fail to make a large impact because constitutes do not want to change how they live. Read on to learn who is really fighting saving the world. Who is really contributing to the fight against climate… Continue reading Who Is Saving Our World?