Nationalists in Germany and COVID-19 Protests

On August 30, 2020, thousands of right-wing nationalists and COVID-19 deniers gathered in Berlin, Germany to protest coronavirus restrictions. The protest was originally banned, but it was eventually given the green light by the Berlin Administrative Court. Around 38,000 were in attendance at the peaceful protest, clamoring for an end to the “COVID hoax.” Berlin… Continue reading Nationalists in Germany and COVID-19 Protests

FDA Approves Coronavirus Antigen Test

On Saturday, the FDA officially approved an antigen test to be used to detect coronavirus. The test uses a nasal swab and can show a positive or negative result within minutes. This particular test finds protein fragments that are typically seen in coronavirus. At this time, only the San Diego organization Quidel Corporation has been… Continue reading FDA Approves Coronavirus Antigen Test

Coronavirus In Vietnam

Around the world, the coronavirus continues to take hold. One country that appears to be controlling the virus is Vietnam. If these reports are accurate, reports from Vietnam state that under 1000 people have contracted the virus with zero deaths. As of March 30th, Vietnam has not reported any deaths caused by the novel coronavirus.… Continue reading Coronavirus In Vietnam