Policy of President Biden and VP Kamala Harris Pt. 1

Although we are a nonpartisan organization, it is important to always hold political leaders accountable and push for meaningful change. This is especially true for presidents and other high ranking officials such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. **Information from campaign website and compared against other sources**

For ______, Biden and Harris want to _____:

American Made Products

Biden wants to invest in manufacturing and technology in the States. He hopes to create “millions of new manufacturing and innovation jobs throughout all of America.”


Biden wants to undo the Trump Administration’s work to make it harder for immigrants to enter the country. He hopes to implement effective border screening, protect Dreamers (and their families), reverse the refugee bans, hold ICE and CBP to higher standards for treatment and handling of immigrants and refugees, and hold regular meetings with leaders of countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, and Canada.


Biden wants to do the following for veterans:

  • Provide high quality healthcare that meets their needs
  • Decrease veteran homeless and suicide rates
  • Put forth employment and educational opportunities
Teachers and Students
  • Increased teacher pay
  • Invest in school resources to help students become “physically and emotionally healthy adults”
  • Ensure that education is not determined by income, zip code, race, or disability
  • Provide better paths to careers after high school



**This is not an endorsement of Joe Biden or other political candidates/individuals by W.A.A. or our authors.**

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