The idea that only sexual relationships between two (2) individuals of the opposite sex are normal.

It is reported that at least 10% of current-day youth is LGBTQ+. Read on to learn about the dangers of heteronormativity.

The Danger of Heteronormativity

Non-heterosexual relationships are oftentimes looked down upon, even in modern society. While the LGBTQ+ community continues to become more supported around the world, being straight is still the norm.

Not being interested in having a relationship with a single member of the opposite sex often results in you being asked to explain yourself and your sexual orientation. The same goes for non-cisgender individuals. Cisgender and heterosexual individuals never have to explain their sexual orientation. **REMINDER** You do not owe an explanation for your sexual orientation and gender to ANYONE.

Heteronormativity allows people to assume that you identify as either male or female instead of taking the time to ask for the correct pronouns. Stop misgendering people by not asking the simple question of what pronouns they prefer.

Not everyone is simply gay or straight. Not everyone is straight. Not everyone is gay. Not everyone identifies as a man or a woman. **Never assume something about someone’s identity until they have told you themselves.**

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