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Learn about how our world works, how weather is affected by global warming, how you can make a difference, and more!

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Extreme Floods In Afghanistan And Pakistan
This post will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back …
California Wildfires in August 2020
Ben Lomond, California on Sunday. Photo by Peter Dasilva/EPA Historic wildfires are …
Cost of Gas Compared to Electric Vehicles
Learn about the pros and cons of electric vehicles as well as …
Climate Refugees
More and more people are being forced to become climate refugees as …
Unsustainable Practices
What unsustainable practices do you perform every day? Not turning off ignition …
April 10th Krakatoa Eruption
On Friday, April 10th, 2020, the active volcano Krakatoa erupted off of …
Chernobyl Wildfire
A wildfire has recently appeared near the Chernobyl nuclear power plants. Winds …
Who Is Saving Our World?
The government largely failed to fight climate change after the fall of …

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