Justice for Andre Hill

Art by Devon Blow
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On Tuesday, December 22, Columbus police officer Adam Coy fatally shot 47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill less than 10 seconds after finding him in a garage. The officer has since been fired (as of December 28).

Police reports indicate that there was no weapon found at the scene, and officers were responding to a non-emergency call about a man sitting inside a car repeatedly turning it on and off.

Put your f*cking hands out to the side. Hands out to the side now . . . roll to your stomach now.

– Adam Coy, officer who shot Andre Hill

According to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, Hill was a friend of the residents of the house where he was shot and was an “expected guest.”

The official police report contains few details of the shooting, stating that “‘Officer discharged his firearm upon confronting Mr. Hill. Mr. Hill did not survive his injuries.'”

There is no dashboard cam footage because it was a non-emergency call.

I am also very disturbed about what I don’t see. None of the officers . . . provide medical assistance to Mr. Hill . . . Not even a hand on the shoulder and an encouraging word that medics were en route.

– Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther

This is the second shooting of a black man in Columbus in December, the first being the shooting of Casey Goodson Jr. on December 4 (see our posts from December 7 & 10 for more information).

U.S. Attorney David DeVillers stated that his office will review if any federal civil rights laws were violated in this shooting.

Adam Coy is under criminal investigation for the shooting, as of December 28th. The other officers present at the time of the shooting are also under investigation.

According to Police Chief Thomas Quinlan, the other officers failed to both turn on their bodycams and provide medical attention to Andre Hill. He says that any other individual who failed to uphold department protocol will be held accountable.

Who can I contact?

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

(614) 644 – 4357


Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther

(614) 645 – 7671

[email protected]

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan

(614) 645 – 4600

Script for calling (if you need one):

“My name is _____, and I am calling to demand justice for Andre Hill. We demand a full and transparent investigation. Columbus Police Department should immediately release complete footage from the body cams worn by all officers present at the scene. Immediately arrest Adam Coy for the murder of Andre Hill and suspend without pay every officer who failed to provide medical aid to Andre Hill.”


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