Yemen Airport Explosion; 25+ Killed And Over 100 Injured

yemen airport explosion

What happened?

On December 30, Yemen’s Aden airport was attacked as a plane with cabinet members of Yemen’s new government was landing. At least 25 people were killed and 110 injured. The death toll is expected to rise, as over 30 people are in critical condition. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

A second explosion at Aden’s Maasheq presidential palace, where the cabinet members had been taken to safety, was heard hours after the first attack. There are no reported casualties.

The new cabinet was intended as a step towards resolving Yemen’s civil war, which has been ongoing since late 2014. The plane’s passengers included Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed and Mohammed Said al-Jaber (Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen).

Who was harmed by the Yemen airport explosion?

Among those killed were government officials waiting to greet the cabinet members. The cabinet officials are stated to be unharmed, though local news outlet Aden al-Ghad reports the death of one junior official. Three Red Cross members were also killed in the explosions.

Yemen’s Civil War

Yemen’s civil war has been called the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis”; tens of thousands of civilians have died in bombings and from starvation and disease. The war’s death toll exceeds 112,000 people. Millions are on the brink of famine, only exacerbated by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Much of the fighting in the civil war has been between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, based in Northern Yemen, and separatists backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the south.

How can you help?

Call for the US to stop selling Saudi Arabia arms:

The United States plays a crucial part in the Yemen civil war by selling arms to Saudi Arabia. The weapons that America supplies Saudi Arabia with are the same weapons that have caused the deaths of thousands of civilians.

  • Contact your representatives in Congress
  • Sign petitions to make your voice heard

Support humanitarian groups in Yemen:

You can make a difference following the Yemen airport explosion by donating to organizations that aim to aid Yemeni. Check out Save the Children, USA for UNHCR, and Project Hope.


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