Ethiopia’s military attack on capital of Tigray region

This past Saturday, the military forces of Ethiopia began to attack Mekele, the capital of the northern Tigray region. Diplomatic efforts by three former African presidents were unsuccessful in coming to a truce between the regions.

The attacks have been directed against the political party TPFL, controlled the coalition that was in charge of Ethiopia for almost 30 years. Over 40 thousand civilians have fled the region, while Ethiopian government officials have denied claims that civilian areas were being targeted.

The Pope was among those asking for peace in the region over the past couple of weeks. The U.N. refugee agency has warned of a “full-scale humanitarian crisis” in Tigray. Some reports state that supplies of food and water are running low in the region.


As of Saturday, November 28th, Ethiopia has declared victory in the Tigray region.

What can you do?

Help spread information about what is happening in the Tigray region. Mainstream media is not covering the attacks happening in these areas.


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