Beirut Explosion

beirut explosion

What happened in Beirut? What was the cause of the Beirut explosion? How many people were killed and injured? Read our article to learn more.

About Beirut Explosion

The explosion took place at a building near a port in Beirut, Lebanon. The storage facility housed fertilizer and explosives that contained ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is a common ingredient used in a number of terrorist attack bombs.

Lebanon’s health ministry has said that at least 80 people have died, with over 4000 injured. Hospitals in the area have reported that they have no available beds and have started to turn patients away. The Public Health Ministry has stated that they will pay for all the medical bills of the injured patients in the hospitals.

According to multiple reports, there was a smaller initial explosion, followed by the larger one shortly after. The second explosion was followed by a shockwave that knocked down bystanders, overturning cars, and pushing debris up to several miles away.

One particular hospital, St. George, is located in the center of Beirut. It was badly damaged during the explosion and has been forced to send patients to other hospitals. Bikhazi Medical Group hospital treated over 500 people in the time following the blast, even with severe damage to the infrastructure of the hospital.

In addition to the damage to buildings and cars in the area, the Karantina warehouse near the explosion contained many vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of doses are stored in this building. No information was given about whether this particular building was damaged, but surrounding buildings have been confirmed to be damaged.

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