Portland Arrests

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What’s happening in Portland?

Federal agents have been arresting protestors in Portland, Oregon. They are driving unmarked vehicles and camouflage clothing with vague “Police” tags. Tear gas and non-lethal munitions have been fired into crowds by these troops. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has stated that the troops are not military, but are civilian police officers. The officers arrived in Portland around two weeks ago.

Why is it happening?

Since the death of George Floyd in May, protests have taken place every night in Portland. Clashes between law enforcement and protestors have escalated in recent days, leading to federal involvement. President Trump deployed the troops to disperse the protestors and stop further damage from occurring to the city and federal buildings. He has stated that “We will continue to take the appropriate action to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers,” and later said that the agents will not leave until the violence stops. Records show that at least forty people have been detained by these agents since the 4th of July. President Trump has called out Portland leadership and said that they have failed to control “anarchists and agitators.”

And the lawsuit?

The Oregon attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for unlawful arrests in Portland. The attorney general requested a restraining order to keep the agents from arresting anyone else. She said that the methods used by the agents are “entirely unnecessary and out of character with the Oregon way.” The lawsuit also states that individuals are “reasonably afraid of being picked up and shoved into unmarked vans – possibly by federal officers, possibly by individuals opposed to the protests.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim that the arrests violate the fourth and fifth amendments by arresting people without a warrant or due process.

Story by someone arrested:

“Video checked by the broadcaster shows a protester, Mark Pettibone, describe how on 15 July he was “basically tossed” into a van containing armed people in body armour.

Mr. Pettibone said he was taken to a holding cell in a federal courthouse, where he was read his arrest rights. After he declined to answer questions, he was released without any citation or arrest record.”

– BBC News

What can be done?

Help spread the word! Mainstream media is not giving Portland airtime, and protests are no longer breaking news. Share this article and others, educate friends and family, and don’t let the fight for equality die down.

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Written by Anthony Rebello, edited by Alina Zhong

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