Disunity in America

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Disunity is a very prominent aspect of the history of the United States. Read our article to learn more about disunity in America.

Disunity in America

Disunity has been a part of America from the day it was created. When settlers first arrived in North America, it was not one “America,” it was many “Americas” that they created. Each one had varying types of government and cultures. Some focused on making sure everyone was independent and self-supporting, some worked hard for social reform towards a utopian society, and others mimicked slave-trade-based states common in that time period.

From these “Americas” came the United States, but they were not united from the beginning, and are still not in some ways. These differing viewpoints explain why the North was anti-slavery while the South fought to defend and protect it. These differing viewpoints explain why we have a multi-party democratic system, oftentimes with polar opposite leaders elected at consequent elections. It is why some people believe in climate change and others do not. Disunity in the creation and purpose of the founding of the United States is what causes such drastic differing viewpoints between Americans on practically every topic.

Disunity in politics can be seen quite easy. In the past 5 elections (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016), the margin of votes in the popular vote is less than 3%. That means that the vote was decided with only a 3% difference between the number of voters for each candidate.

Unfortunately, not being united is not an easy problem to solve. Encouraging open and honest discussions in politics and government, as well as between everyday people at the dinner table or in the car can (hopefully) start moving us in the direction of unity!



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