Yemen Humanitarian Crisis


What’s Happening

According to UNICEF, the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the largest in the world. “Children are being robbed of their futures” (UNICEF, 2020).

Statistics are showing that over 80% of the population in Yemen is in need of assistance. 80% percent of the population is nearly 25 million people, with around 12 million of those being children.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yemen is facing a number of crisis’ at the same time. Malnutrition, lack of sanitation supplies and clean water, and only a small number of functioning medical facilities are being added to the deadly virus spreading quickly.

COVID testing kits are in short supply, and the official case number reports from the governments are far behind the actual infection numbers.

How has conflict affected living conditions?

Schools and hospitals have been closed across the country due to conflict between the government and insurgents. The war has been going on since 2015.

Over 100 thousand people have been killed as a result of this civil war and with over 4 million displaced. One in five schools in Yemen is closed due to damage or destruction. Some schools are being used as housing for displaced families or soldiers.

How You Can Help

  • Donate to UNICEF
    • In 2019, UNICEF:
      • Helped 6.9 million get access to clean water
      • Treated over 300k children with malnutrition
      • Gave vaccines to nearly 12 million children
      • And more
  • Help raise awareness and advocate for change and support an end to the civil war

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