Racial Disparity (Statistics and Stories)

**Trigger Warning**

Across the country, thousands of Americans are gathering to protest racism and racist actions that plague our nation. How can you become an anti-racist? How can you become a fighter for racial equality? Read on to learn more.

Racial Disparity Statistics

POC are 5.1 times more likely to be convicted than non-POC. “As of 2001, one of every three black boys born in that year could expect to go to prison in his lifetime…compared to one of every seventeen white boys” (Report to The United States, 2018). On any given day, 1 in 10 black men in their 30s is incarcerated (Sentencing Project).

In addition, “The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, dwarfing the rate of nearly every other nation” (Sentencing Project). Somewhere around 13% of the American population is a POC. However, POC account for 30% of arrested property offenders.

When looking at unarmed police shootings, the number of white vs. black deaths is about the same. This may make it seem like there is not a race issue, but remember that that only 13% of the United States population is black.


In 2016, a white store owner had the police called on him when a bystander observed what he thought was a dangerous gun, but was in reality only a pellet gun. When police arrived, Daniel Shaver cooperated and laid on the ground with all four extremities visible, in police bodycam footage later released. Police officers shouted commands at Shaver that contradicted what the other officers were saying, while Shaver continued to plead for his life. When Shaver reached down, still on the ground, to pull up his shorts, he was shot dead. Unarmed. Compliant. The bodycam footage can be seen here.

Most people know the name George Floyd. He was brutally murdered by four white police officers just this week. Two held his body down, one had his knee on Floyd’s neck, and one stood watching, saying nothing. At this time, only one officer has been arrested. Video can be seen here.

How to be an Antiracist

In order to help fight racial disparity, you should work on becoming an antiracist. Support policies, organizations, and activists that fight racism in our country and around the world. Do not stand by and let racism prevail in a country that is supposed to be inclusive of everyone. Every voice matters. Contact local officials and tell them that you are ready for change. Send this article or any of our sources to friends or family and convince them that now is the time to stand up for change.

We have contacted numerous agencies and activists and will be publishing another article with focus on how you can make a difference in the fight against racism. Coming soon.


  • POC = Person of Color
  • Antiracist = someone who believes in and fights for views opposing racist ones




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