Rebel Attack in DRC
rebel attack in DRC

Over the past two months, rebels in the DRC have attacked and destroyed around 150 schools, according to the UN. In addition to the 150 schools, the rebels also destroyed 22 health centers across the country. Many of the health centers contained large stores of vaccines.

What is the result of these attacks?

Because of the rebel attacks, over 200 thousand people have been forced from their homes over the last two months. Many Congo residents are forced to deal not only with rebel attacks but also with rising COVID-19 case numbers and deaths. A report by the Norwegian Refugee Council stated that just during the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 500 thousand have fled the country as a result of conflict between rebels and the nation’s army.

Who is most affected?

Children have been the most impacted by these attacks. They no longer have access to shelter, food, or education. All of this combined with the violent nature of the rebels make the children easy to target with violence, abuse, and exploitation.

UNICEF has already ensured education for around 50,000 children and brought 127 children back to their families.

What can you do?

Visit the UNICEF website and donate to their efforts. You can also educate others by sharing this story, as well as others, by word of mouth or on social media.



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