New York Coronavirus Death Numbers Rise

New York Nursing Home
Nursing Home in Queens, Credit: New York Times

This past Monday, the New York Department of Health issued a statement presenting over 1500 presumed coronavirus deaths from nursing homes in the state.

By May 3rd, nearly 5000 nursing home patients had died either in their respective nursing homes or in a hospital. This number is nearly 2000 deaths more than were recorded less than a week before, on April 28th. New York state continues to adapt its data recording methods, causing the numbers to increase nearly every day.

What caused this jump in coronavirus cases?

The cause behind this sudden jump in coronavirus cases is not as bad as it may seem. Since the beginning of the outbreak, nursing homes have battled to keep their death numbers out of official reports. In their eyes, having nursing home death rates factored into the rest of the data makes the virus appear to be uncontained.

What does this mean?

Nursing home deaths account for only around 25% of total coronavirus related deaths in New York. Professionals agree that this number is not as significant as it may at first seem.

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