Coronavirus In Vietnam

Around the world, the coronavirus continues to take hold. One country that appears to be controlling the virus is Vietnam. If these reports are accurate, reports from Vietnam state that under 1000 people have contracted the virus with zero deaths. As of March 30th, Vietnam has not reported any deaths caused by the novel coronavirus. The Vietnamese government quickly shut flights, schools, and enforce quarantines at the first sign of the outbreak.

Vietnam has also recently donated around 500 thousand masks to countries and governments around the world. They are also in discussions with the United States concerning personal protective equipment that the US desperately needs. According to the Embassy in Washington, Vietnam is in direct contact with the Center For Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human services.

California alone is requesting 500 million masks, 1 billion gloves, and 10 million goggles.

Vietnam responded very early to this health crisis, ensuring that it was controlled from the start. As of this past Wednesday, the total number of cases was under 500. To put this number in perspective, this is less cases *total* than the recent number of deaths *per day* in the United States.

In response to these requests from other countries, Vietnam has raised mask production to around 5 million per day. This is made possible by an economy and infrastructure built off of manufacturing. It was somewhat easy for the Vietnamese government to instruct these manufacturers to switch to the production of medical equipment and supplies.

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