How Do Teenagers Feel About Risk? Part 1

How do different teenagers feel about risk and death? Over the past few days, we performed a study of teenagers 13-15 and 16-18. We asked simple questions about how they feel about different levels of risk associated with different reward options.

The first question was asking their age. They then moved on to a particular section in order to differentiate age group responses. Our age groups in this survey were 13-15 and 16-18 years old. The first question of each section was a simple question about how they felt about dying. Does it scare you? The answers for respondents 13-15 were clear, exactly 50% say yes. The respondents aged 16-18 were a bit more split with their answers. 39% answered yes and 39% answered no, with 22% unsure. From this, the obvious conclusion is that as you age more into your teenage years, you become less fearful as death.

Next, we asked how likely they were to travel somewhere new if the trip was free and all-inclusive. We needed a way to ensure our later questions were answered accurately. Each following question involved a scenario in which you travel somewhere, either with high or low risk. If someone responded that they would not travel, their following answers were void. In the next article, we will continue our discussion of the results of our study and what these results mean.

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