Mars Rover Hits Itself

Starting late last year, the Mars InSight rover ran into some issues. Read on to learn more about the issues and how NASA solved them.

Starting late last year, the rover ran into some issues. It was unable to dig down beneath the surface to collect data. The problems arose from a lack of friction needed to penetrate the top layer of soil.

The NASA scientists and engineers outlined a plan on Twitter a few months later. Recently, an update was posted stating that progress has been made. Below is the tweet with the update and a video showing the progress. In order to fix the drilling issues that arose, NASA instructed the rover to hit the drill with one of its many instruments. The instrument chosen was a shovel, meaning that the InSight rover hit itself with a shovel. The latest update stated that using the shovel to hit the drill seems to be working.

This particular project aims to show how Mars formed by measuring heat under the surface of the planet. The rover will stay on the planet for a two-year mission, collecting data from beneath the surface. Information collected involves seismology data, weather reports, and sound monitoring. Almost 180 seismic events have been recorded since the rover touched down on Mars in 2018.

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