Baboons Escape From Hospital

Last month in Sydney, Australia, three baboons escaped from a truck transporting them. They belonged to a local medical facility that was transporting them for surgery at a local hospital. Read on to learn more.

These three baboons were being transported to a large hospital in Syndey, Australia on February 25th. The male baboon was supposed to have surgery performed at the hospital and was accompanied by two female monkeys in order to keep him calm during the trip. The monkey receiving the surgery was the leader of a particular troop of baboons. The colony no longer had a need for him to be able to reproduce, and the only other option was removing him from the troop.

At around 6 pm, the police captured the three monkeys. A spokesperson stated that they were being safely returned to the facility from which they came. According to the health minister, a faulty lock on the truck allowed the monkeys to escape.

Somewhat ironically, more animals than just the baboons have escaped from nearby areas. Two water buffalo, two llamas, and three lions have all escaped from captivity. All these escapes have occurred somewhat close to the baboon escape area.


Three baboons escaped from a transport truck in Australia while being moved to a hospital. They were sighted in the nearby area before garnering both police and public attention. They were recovered and returned to the hospital safely.

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