Who Is Saving Our World?

The government largely failed to fight climate change after the fall of the Kyoto Protocol. Local governments and politicians fail to make a large impact because constitutes do not want to change how they live. Read on to learn who is really fighting saving the world.

Who is really contributing to the fight against climate change? The local and federal governments continue to make a small difference but by itself, it will not be enough. The answer to this question is surprising.


Investors are the newest stage to the fight against climate change. How do they do it? Investors are realizing the danger that climate change poses to their business and assets. As the changing climate changes how well their investments perform, they are forced to fight climate change in order to retain their profits.

In addition, owners of fossil fuel stocks are feeling the pressure as well. Fewer and fewer people are buying into oil and other fossil fuel businesses, decreasing revenue, decreasing stock value. In late 2019, Brazil tried to sell its rights to oil fields, with little success. Investors have recently learned their lesson, and stopped investing in fossil fuel companies.

This indirectly fights climate change. When fossil fuel companies lose money, they make fewer fossil fuels, thus decreasing their environmental impact.

What can you do?

Stop investing in fossil fuel companies immediately. Invest in other, more reusable energy sources that show promise. Contribute directly to these reusable energy companies, or decrease your fossil fuel usage in your home and during everyday life.


Investors, and everyday people like you and me, are the ones who are (hopefully) saving the world.


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